Thursday, October 31, 2013

may i one day find happiness in a can of paint

today i saw a very happy nonagenarian -- so much so that i was wishing i had a camera to capture the vibrant image before me.   her shock of unkempt white hair floated around her face.  her eyes were vividly blue,  and her skin was deeply tanned and wrinkled. turns out she has been painting the foundation of her son's house.  'i just love to be busy!' she told me through the kind of smile that even in your darkest mood you would immediately respond to with a smile of your own.

(later her son told me that he switches out the paint color slightly and she's already been around the house twice but, hey, whatever works...)

probably not

does running from my office to the front desk to hand something to my patient that i forgot count as exercise?  i probably do that 100 5 times a day.