Wednesday, August 31, 2011

sometimes i behave like a kid with dirty underwear

a small child i know, who shall remain unnamed, had a habit for a while of hiding his dirty underwear in the back of his closet.  perhaps with the not unfounded logic - out of site, out of mind.  if mom doesn't find these underwear, then she won't know i had an accident. makes sense, doesn't it?

i recently tried that with an FMLA form.  seems i just sort of slipped it into the chart, as blank as the day it was born, and let it get refiled. i should have known it wouldn't work.  the FMLA is a savvy mom, it knows to look in the back of the closet for your little secrets.  guess i'll be filling it out now...

Friday, August 26, 2011

i'll be the heavy

my patient had gained a few pounds since her last visit, pushing her blood sugar further along its trajectory toward diabetes.  turns out her already diabetic husband was bringing lots of goodies into the house.  he wouldn't eat them, but wanted her to eat them.  for whatever reason, she didn't think she could ask him to stop.  he seemed to enjoy getting her these things.  (i know, twisted on many levels, right?)

fortunately, the answer to this age old dilemma (spouse undermines partner's dieting effort) is simple - make me the heavy.  go home and tell your spouse that The Doctor Said you must cut back on sweets. and then tell him to buy you flowers instead.