Sunday, August 7, 2011

pills i would invent

the trend seems to be to take a problem, label it as a disease, invent a pill for it, advertise heavily, then sit back and watch the money roll in....  forget the holy grails of smoking cessation, happiness and weight loss, i say go for the niche market instead.

so here are some ideas for any of you capitalists out there...

how about a pill that improves coping skills?  there are some days when i feel like a significant chunk of  of what i'm seeing is the direct result of inadequate or misguided coping skills.

or a a true gas buster.  this would be very popular with the baby boomers.  from what i am repeatedly told, they seem to be suffering from an excess of gas.  if you can't rid them of their gas, they still might buy if you could make their gas silent.  we would have to find a brave and well-known spokesperson to come forward on this matter...

could we make habitual lateness a disease?  we could call it ontimeophobia. we would need to educate our target audience about the devastating effects ontimeophobia has on other peoples lives. it may be a smaller market than the flatulent crowd, but still sizable.


  1. are you stretching for material here...

  2. While we are dreaming... someone could make millions on a posi-pill. Could you imagine a world in which we only shared positive thoughts and energy? Especially now with our internet based interactions you could reach millions instantly!