Saturday, February 26, 2011


hello!  my maiden voyage into the blogosphere really started here.  thank you doctor fizzy.  last night i got a 2 am page from a woman with a headache.  i was in a fog, not only from being asleep, but also from the half dose of nyquil i took for my cold.  hope i dispensed some good advice.  guess i'll find out monday.  before you berate me in my comments section, know that i am being glib.  it always amazes me how my head can clear and focus when i need it to.  is that a doctor trait?  i'd say most of us can do that when required by the circumstance.

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  1. I love the cartoons and hope you can incorporate some here. Your ability to communicate with your kittle stick people is just one of your many talents. I love the blog, so please keep it up. Your Loving Sister, Amy