Thursday, July 21, 2011

another confession

i think if some of my patients read my blog they would say that i was painting myself in too flattering of a light.  so today i will say, i was completely swamped ('in the weeds' as we used to say in the restaurant world).  i rushed through my visits, cut several people off, and was generally not as relaxed and pleasant as i know i am capable of being.  tomorrow, i will try again.


  1. We all paint ourselves in flattering hues, except of course when we are being too critical of ourselves. Elusive perfection...a worthy goal none of us will ever achieve.

  2. Ya know, some days are just going to be like that. As long as you recognize that it is not how you wish to be all the time and work to keep yourself present and reasonably cheerful I think you’ll be all right. Humble of you to admit it Beth, takes a big person to do that.