Friday, September 30, 2011

we should all be physical therapists

i saw a physical therapist today for her yearly check up.  she was very healthy and it reminded me of something from residency.  to get to the hospital from the staff parking lot, you had to walk up a huge hill.  for most of us residents it was more like trudging up that hill than walking, our shoulders sagging under the weight of our over burdened coat pockets, our psyche sagging under the weight of our coming day (or days if we were on call.)  it never failed that as i was slumping up that hill, trying to return a page, comb my hair and eat a poptart all at the same time, along would come a perky, well-groomed physical therapist.  they would cruise by me with such pep in their step, such enthusiasm for their day, their happy little running shoes flashing past me.  in the thin grocery bag they held i could see the yogurt and orange and water bottle that is the physical therapist's trademark lunch.  so damn healthy!

moral of the story for the medical residents of the world: don't look around you as you walk to the hospital from whatever remote parking space you've been deemed worthy of.  preserve your self worth and keep your eyes on the ground!

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  1. Or resign yourself to eating yogurt and oranges and getting massages every day.