Tuesday, May 22, 2012

awkward doctor moments

running into your patient, the one with the drinking problem, outside the liquor store.

asking a patient how her mother (also your patient) is doing... a year after she died.

introducing yourself to the person who has accompanied your patient to their appointment, only to have them remind you that they are also your patient. (can you see a trend here?)

pulling off a patient's sock and discovering you've pulled off a toenail with it.

looking in the mirror at lunchtime and realizing you have a hickey.  that really didn't happen to me.  i'm just imagining that it would be pretty awkward if that did happen.  even though it didn't.


  1. Awkward patient moments:

    Walking out of the liquor store and running into your cardiologist.

    Running into Dr. Sleazy at a restaurant in a different town and he is with someone other than his wife.

    Going to an appointment with a friend and discovering that the doctor she is seeing is one you fired over a year ago.

    Having to admit that you were trying to hold the toenail on with the sock.

    Having to show up for your annual pap smear with a giant size hickey on your neck...unfortunately that one did happen to me.

    1. thank you lisa for a great laugh to start my day. since you so graciously owned up to your hickey, i guess i better come clean and own up to mine.

  2. ...having two doctors in the family whom you have already consulted and then going to your doctor and trying to figure out a subtle way to get the treatment that your family suggested. Does that make sense?