Sunday, January 27, 2013


there are always a small but steady stream of articles circulating in the medical world and elsewhere  about doctor burnout. (apparently we are more prone to it then other professions.)  reading them, i never felt they applied to me.  until recently at least.  they say the doctor who treats herself, treats a fool, but i am feeling pretty confident in my self diagnosis.

it seems a perfect storm has arisen in my professional life - a too busy practice, growing EHR demands that increasingly and unrelentingly sap my time, energy and spirit, and the most dreaded (and overrated)  Maintenance of Certification, a yearlong slog through marginally beneficial and mostly burdensome requirements culminating in an very expensive and stressful exam.

fortunately for me i am an eternal optimist.

my prescription:  time

it heals most wounds.


  1. time does seem to heal most wounds but unfortunately it also kills us. try to take it easy and enjoy friends and family as much as you can.