Thursday, May 2, 2013

wrong on several levels or file under 'not loving this old person'

here is the exchange i had with a patient of mine who may be lacking an edit button:

     pt:  have you lost weight?

     me:  yes, just a few pounds.

     pt:  i can see it in your face.

     me:  yes, if i lose a few pounds that seems to be the first place it shows up.

     pt:  well, better that than your breasts.

     me (squelching the idea of one, covering my chest, or two, whacking him on the head):  !

first of all, please don't mention my breasts to me.  i am your doctor.  second of all, in contrast to that decidedly male point of view you are proffering, a certain some of us women would be glad to lose a few pounds in our chests.

at least i have an edit button.

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