Friday, April 15, 2011

another chink in the foundation of my self image emerges

it is not just my fashion sense coming under attack.  my son brought home a paper today that he wrote about our family.  here it is, unedited:

My dad stays at home and does work for my mom.  My mom goes to work all day and comes home to watch TV.  My sister likes to watch TV and play with me.  I like to play with my sister and go on the computer.

fortunately my mental mythology is robust enough to overcome this clear misconception about my role in the family.


  1. Is there a turkey involved here...somewhere?

  2. For mother's day when my son was in first grade, his teacher had his class create a book about their mothers to give to them as a gift. The book was full of other kids saying things like "I love my mom because she is nice and she smells good." and such. My son's entry, "I love my mom because she makes fish sticks and macaroni and cheese." Nice!