Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i love medicine

can i share with you for a moment the things i love in medicine?

1)  i love knowing things about how our bodies work
2)  i love the language of medicine, the descriptiveness and preciseness of the words
3)  i love the quiet moment when i hold my stethoscope against someone's chest and listen to the sound of their beating heart
4)  i love a well constructed consult note, one that doesn't leave out the pleasantries that remind me of an era in medicine that is quickly slipping away
5)  i love the endless learning that comes with a medical career
6)  i love the trust i feel from my patients
7)  i love the giggle that follows the knee jerk when my reflex hammer hits just right (why does that make us laugh?)

is that enough?  i could go on!  and yes, there is an equally long list of the things i don't like, but we all have those things in our jobs, and for me they are mostly mundane and far surpassed by the things i love.


  1. Nice list, beth, appreciating brings joy to my heart; thanks for this post. Headed for bed remembering three men from WA who visited and enjoyed and impressed.

  2. a great list. always encouraging to hear a doctor who actually enjoys something, anything about their work.

    keep it up!