Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's memorial day weekend and i'm taking a break from medicine.  but just so you don't think i only do foolish things in my exam room (click here for brilliant example), i will tell you about my weekend, ahem, yearlong project.  i love to make things, and that, coupled with my unfailing overconfidence, leads me and my reluctant hubby down many paths.  so i wanted to make a hanging daybed for my back porch.  i worked on it last summer, but never quite got it done, but today was the day to finish it and get it hung.

if you've ever declared you could do it yourself, then you already know that every project has its 'duh' moment(s).  this one came when i tied and fringed all the knots at the bottom of the ropes before putting them through the holes in the bed frame.  i was just really excited to see what they would look like, all knotty and fringy. thankfully, my kind hubby, after just a brief gloating that it was me and not him that messed up, helped me untie and retie all the knots.  now if only my porch wasn't swarming with stink bugs...


  1. Next you'll have to let us know if you ever relax on it. I gave up making things for relaxing, because I never ended up using them. I just moved on to the next project!

  2. Good deal, Kiddito, accomplishments feel berry good inside.