Thursday, November 10, 2011

and the other nine are...

here is the rest of my list for why primary care doctors like me need a good sense of humor:

reason #2:  at some point in your career you will be vomited/urinated/defecated/bled upon, and/or doused in perirectal abscess pus

reason #3:  you will make pennies on the dollar compared to you specialist colleagues.

reason #4:  someone will ask you to look at their mole at a party and you will be able to say 'i'd be happy to look at that mole right after i examine your prostate.'

reason#5:  every year, congress will threaten to cut your medicare pay an ever increasing percentage and then expect you to rejoice when they postpone the cut one more year.  if you didn't have a sense of humor, you'd surely be insulted.

reason #6:  your dear but tactless grandfather, when he sees your corolla, will say 'why are you driving a nurse's car?' (if i am somehow insulting a nurse, i beg you, please be mad at my grandfather, not me!)

reason #7:  you will be tempted, and you will succumb, to doing something gross on your kitchen table.  hey, the kitchen has the best light.

reason #8:  you will be called 'provider' more times then you will care to count.

reason #9:  someone will have you paged in the middle of the night for a prescription that can't be filled until the pharmacy opens at 9 am.  monthly.

reason #10:   you will have access to the only medicine without side effects - laughter.

 (reason #1)


  1. Great piece. Sent me to bed chuckling about the kitchen table.

  2. #2 Sounds alot like sex.
    #3 If you were in it for the money you would have been a dentist.
    #4 I don't have a mole,can I still get the prostate examine?
    #5 My dentist does not take medicare.
    #6 My dentist drives a BMW.
    #7 Never could talk the wife into it.
    #8 You been called alot worse
    #9 Better than that mole thing.
    #10 Are they legal?

  3. e, you are funny. please start a blog so i can read it.

  4. Thanks B,but no blog for me. I do enjoy yours especially when you are on the light side. My wife asked,Who ever thought up the word "Mammogram?" Every time I hear it, I think I'm supposed to put my breast in an envelope and send it to someone.

  5. Ha, ha, ha! Comments are funny too!