Thursday, November 3, 2011

i heart ringtones

the next time someone's catchy ringtone goes off in my exam room i am going to stop whatever it is i'm doing and bust into one of my signature dance moves.  that would be in direct violation, however, of my daughter's emphatic decree that i never dance in public.  she would say it like this, with just the right amount of that endearing twelve year old flare for the dramatic:  'mom, swear to me right now, you will  NEVER.   DANCE.   IN   PUBLIC.'


  1. Oh, Beth, in the spirit of further expressing your gift of humor, you must do exactly that!!!

  2. I tell my 12 year old that if she prefers I not do something in public, she shouldn't tell me NOT to do it otherwise I definitely will. My approach is desensitization through torture.