Wednesday, November 9, 2011

doctoring dilemas

you ask your elderly patient's spouse, whom you haven't met, to come in with her for her next visit so you can discuss her worsening cognitive impairment.  you find him to be equally impaired...

your patient's spouse insists he is drinking heavily and you must do something to help him but without telling him she told you, yet when you ask him about his alcohol intake he states he doesn't drink...

you know your patient has a cold.  you know they will raise hell if you don't give them an antibiotic.   you know that even if you could get them out of your office without one, they will call you tomorrow and insist they are worse...

blue stethoscope or black?


  1. When you treat a disease,sometimes you have to first treat the mind.

  2. You are reminding me of some of the things I DON'T miss.