Monday, March 21, 2011

if organs were people

writing about the motherly qualities of the omentum got me thinking about the personalities of our other organs...  here is what i have so far.

heart - cheerful, super dependable, everyone's friend.  the heart is a jovial captain, often the last to abandon the sinking ship.

lungs - good ole boys, not complainers, take pride in a job well done but don't let themselves get overinflated (sorry, lame pun)

liver - a workhorse,  great multi-tasker,  can get a little touchy if overworked

gall bladder - liver's sidekick, more of a follower than a leader

pancreas -a loner, mostly keeps a low profile, occasionally throws a fit and then stews in its own juices, sometimes provoked by the gall bladder

brain - aloof, mysterious, doesn't care to share it's secrets, likes to think it's in charge of all the other organs, needs frequent rests

gut - not afraid to get down and dirty, prefers shiftwork

adrenals - frat boys of the organ world, like to kick up a little action with bursts of adrenaline

kidneys - serious overachievers (why else can we live with just one), think the heart exists to pump blood to the them, don't like to be teased for making urine

i don't know about you, but i see a little of myself in each of these organs.


  1. mmmmmm....some would say you omitted the most important organ. OK, maybe strictly speaking it is not an organ.

  2. So which one is the one pulling everyone together, entertaining people and making friends along the way? Would that be the intestines? Is that an organ/s?

  3. amy, you would be the red blood cells, visiting everyone and bringing good cheer.