Friday, March 18, 2011


i love how spring sneaks up on me and surprises me every year.  today it was 75 degrees and our daffodils were blooming.  yesterday i didn't even know they had come out of the ground.  i am observant about many things, but i'm afraid nature isn't one of them.  ask my husband and he'll surely tell you.  before i met him i knew of two kinds of trees - trees with leaves (i called those trees) and trees with needles (i called those evergreens).  so when the grass starts turning green and the buds come out on the trees it seems to me to happen overnight.  like christmas.  except it's spring.


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  1. The decorative pear, rainier cherry, copper beech... all blooming or budding. Actual blueberries--ok, they’re more green than blue right now, but be patient. The two year old will have stripped the bush if we take our eyes off her for too many milliseconds. I spent 30 years in south florida where the trees drop leaves in the spring and it never ever snows, so spring and fall are still gloriously new to me even after eleven years.