Tuesday, March 1, 2011

you're gonna kill me

mrs. freestyle: "you're going to kill me!"

me:  "i usually try very hard not to kill my patients"

she was really just setting me up for the confession she was about to make of how she was not taking a particular medicine exactly as i prescribed, but had come up with her own more creative dosing regimen.  hmmm.... who's going to kill you? (nah, i'm just joking, what she was doing was fine)

i get a lot of these opening statements -- you're going to holler at me -- is one i hear often.  surely they know i'm just not the hollering type.  do they want me to holler at them?   maybe i should try it, really cut loose on the next patient who didn't lose those fifteen pounds or didn't quit smoking.  i'm sure that yelling could be a very effective, or at least satisfying, way of addressing these blatant failures.  why haven't i adopted this style already?  time's a wasting - let me get yelling!

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  1. I think people preface their speaking with these types of phrases. There was an oncologist, Marc Straus, who wrote a poem called "Not God" because people would begin talking to him by saying "I know you're not God, but..."

    I think these opening statements are wonderful, and give you a special insight into the patients thinking at the moment.

    Great blog!